IImport without any difficulties medial data or images of your patients contained in CDs, DVDs and/or USB and SD-Cards devices to your PACS. In order to avoid the transfer of incompatible data or damaging software, the images are not only copied, but checked it DICOM compliance by DICOM Store-SCP Gateways bevor being transferred to the intern hard disk. In doing so, the system verifies the DICOM compliance of each image during the import by means of an automatic and very quick procedure. DICOM C-Store Protocol modality carries out the transfer into PACS.

DISCUS import DMC has deliberately not being conceived as an automatic central solution. Many patients go directly to the reception of the respective department and leave there the storage media that they bring. 

With the manual DISCUS solution it is possible to import the relevant data directly and quickly at any registry point in connection with a simultaneous transfer into PACS, provided that a previous patient registration have being done trough DICOM Worklist or HL7/GDT from the RIS or KIS.

The import starts immediately after inserting the respective media, but only on the internal hard disk of DISCUS DMC-Import System. The imported patient data will be shown on the screen and from there can they easily be storage or sent to a temporary DICOM-Memory. The interfaces DICOM WORKLIST, GDT and HL7 are available (optional). So it is possible to modify through RIS-Information with a simple click either manually or automatically each patient data just bevor being sent easily to the PACS by clicking.

The DISCUS DMC-Import System is delivered as a “Plug & Play” web solution based on a headless micro-PC with an integrated CD/DVD recorder and Slot-In technology. The user(s) have complete access to the system with all current web browsers. The access can be regulated or restrained by implementing a user-register.

The DISCUS DMC-Importer is a highly efficient and easy to handle tool for importing and saving in a DICOM Network environment medical media in DICOM format with diagnostic images and reports.

By means of DICOM Worklist, HL7 o GDT it is possible to call up the patient data in order to edit previously imported images. Related data will be automatically suggested. If there is no previous registration of the patient in the local RIS or PACS, the imported data can be manually adopted or corrected.

The DISCUS Dicom Media Import System can be installed in any reception point in the network and can be operated through any standard Web-Browser. 


• Import any current DICOM object
• Supports DICOM compress data
• Automatically CD/DVD recognition
• Automatically recognition of USB and SD-cards
• Full automatically scan and import of media contents
• Manual scan and import from local and network drives
• Manual edition of patient data in DICOM Header 
• Any number of DICOM C-Store SCP receptors configurable
• Automatic DICOM-transfer to all tabled receptors
• Local DICOM database
• Import/Export Status Monitor
• Documentation of all import/export procedures with password protection
• Users administration with password
• Automatic modification of certain DICOM Header
• Call up of patient data from RIS, KIS or PACS (optional)
• Call up of patient data through interface MWL, HL7, GDT (optional)
• Control and compare of patient data within PACS during import (optional)
• Automatic order suggestions for called up patients’ lists(optional) 
• Indication of „import extern data“ in each image (optional) 
• Import of image files (JPEG, BMP y MPEG) and transformation to DICOM format (optional)
• Import of PDF files and transformation to DICOM objects (optional) 


• Very compact “Plug & Play” unit
• Automatically import of all DICOM objects with manual or automatic transfer to any PACS
• Import DICOM data from CDs, DVDs, USB devices, SD-Cards and network drives
• Protection against damaging software, due to the import through the DICOM Import-Gateway
• Full recording of the imported medical media 
• Patient data synchronization with DICOM Modality Worklist,  PACS-Query or HL7 with RIS/KIS (optional)
• Any number of DICOM Store storable
• The interactive user interface allows to manually check, compare and modify information 
• Support import y storage of compress studies
• Conform with IHE Portable Data for Imaging (PDI) and Import Reconciliation Workflow (IRWF) 
• Optimal protection against damaging software due to the intuitive on the web based user interface
• No direct user interface on the hardware

Technical features

• Processor: Intel® Celeron® J1900 (4 Kerne, 2,0GHz)
• OS: Linux
• Internal memory : 4GB / PC3-10600 DDR3L SDRAM 133MHz
• Hard disk: 240GB
• Optik drive: DVD
• Network connection: 1GBit Ethernet /  IEEE  802.11b/g/ Wi-Fi Wireless
• Measures: 15,5 x 19,3 x 2,2cm
• Weight: 3,2 Kg

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