DISCUS Producer

Discus ProducerIncl. 3 Years Updates and Support


Compile DICOM compatible patient CDs and DVDs for clinical damage reports and examination pictures reliable, safe and quickly! 

The operation proceeds fully automatically. Just like when using a paper print server you can start burning orders directly from a modality or a workstation. User intervention is not necessary while using “Standard-Mode”. The DISCUS systems are professional, highly efficient, trustworthy and scalable to your needs. 

Patient-media is created fully automatically and printed individually with a label so there can’t be any mix-ups. Each burned media contain the examination pictures and a DICOM viewing software (also scalable to your needs).

The DISCUS DICOM MEDIA CENTER systems are available in different configuration levels and are configurable with multiple DICOM-servers on demand, so that orders from different departments can be processed separately and independently, by only using one EPSON burn and printing system.

The DISCUS systems are DICOM Store SCP network units, which receive network orders from every DICOM working station or directly from every modality with DICOM Store SCU Class.

The complete solution for creating medicinal media consisting of:

• DISCUS Dicom Media Center© SERVER Serie
• EPSON Discproducer PP-50, PP-100 II oder PP-100N, each with the revolutionary Epson AcuGrip™ technology

The DISCUS Dicom Media Center© offers you all these features - PRODUCER for manageable costs whilst having very low consumption costs.

Advantages, Functions, Specifications


- Direct burning from the modalities.
- Contactless system, no user interference necessary
- Fully automatic, like a paper print-server
- Easy and quickly reproduction of orders, due to the data storage in the integrated hard disk  
- Reliable, fast and stable 
- Thrift, more than 1.000 media with one ink set
- Self-sufficient, PACS independent system
- Implementation of any DICOM viewer
- Direct Service & Support from us, as manufacturer / EPSON Distributor and Service Centre
- Prompt device exchange in case of problems
- The newest software updates free!
- Support network throughout Europe
- All spare parts, Services and supply for very convenient prices in one place
- Years of experience in the market


· Web-Server operation (does not need a monitor, keyboard or mouse)
· Web-Interface to recall the queue and to burn individual orders
· Modi “automatic” and “manual”
· Mode “PACS Query/Retrieve
· Single and multi-patient media
· Single and Multiple Studies in Batch Modus
· Support all SOP classes incl. DICOM SR (Structured Reports)
· Integrated DICOM-Viewer for WINDOWS and MAC
· Implementation of costumers DICOM-Viewer preferences possible (the licence must be available)
· DICOM and HTML-images on all media
· DICOMDIR Directory
· Compatible with DICOM 3.0 Part 10
· Support the IHE-recommendation according to PDI format (Portable Data for Imaging)
· Auto start Splash-Screen of media compatible with individual web sites (optional)
· Studies >650 MB will be automatically recognized and burned on DVD
· Dynamic control function of the SCP-Server through AE-Title for an individual and combined use of:

· different graphics
· different Viewers
· different Layouts

· Modus “Backup“ with RAID (optional)
· DICOM Secondary Capture Interface for DICOM incompatible modalities (optional)
· The system storages up to 7 day the work orders in its integrated hard disk, the amount depends on the hard disk capacities. They could be acceded at any time and produced again.

Technical Specifications

-EPSON DiscProducer™ PP-50
- 1 Burner, 1 printer
- Up to 15 CDs (burning/printing) per hour
- 2 clips for 100 media

-EPSON DiscProducer™ PP-100II
- USB 3.0
- 2 burners, 1 printer
- Up to 30 CDs (burning/printing) per hour
- 2 clips for 100 media
- You can replace the ink collection container and the drives by yourself (no need to send us the machine)

· EPSON PP-100N DiscProducer™
· Network connection
· 2 burners, 1 printer
· Up to 30 CDs (burned/printed) per hour
· 2 clips for 100 media

DISCUS DMS/4000 Server
Windows8 OS 64Bit, i5 or i7 Quad Core processorr, 8GB
RAM, min. 750 GB hard disk, 10/100/1000 MB Network

DICOM CD mass import

PACS long-term archive

Easy import of patients CDs into PACS

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