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We are convinced that only spatially stored data is the safest way of archiving and it has to be in duplicate. Archiving with expensive data Silent-Cubes runs up against its limits as soon as it has to deal with fire, burglary, theft and vandalism. Of course those things aren’t everyday occurrences but they should be taken into consideration. 

The DMC Backup long-term archive solution is based on an integrated complete solution of hardware, two Blu-ray burners and software. The software is able to check the database of any PACS server and it transmits DICOM-data regarding to new entries and as soon as it reaches the data volume it safes the data onto a XL 100GB Blu-ray disk. All this happens automatically and with a duplicate.

The long-term archive media is delivered fully prepared. Aside from receiving a correct imprint with a label and an archive number you will also receive a finished index data for automatic recognition in the system.

The software recalls actual data from a gratuitous PACS server and subsequently saves it on Blu-rays.

The procedure goes as follows:

1. Temporal controlled query via DICOM GET or MOVE so it is configurable no matter if it is GET or MOVE you are using.

1.1 Query interval adjustable (from 10 min. till 24 hours)
1.2 Minimum age of the series adjustable as well (from 5 – 30 min). Prevents DICOM series from being archived on only one media.

2. Downloads all new series of the DICOM GET or MOVE, which means that it is configurable if you want to use GET or MOVE. When using MOVE, the program will only accept detailed connections from the configured PACS server, so that other modalities or DICOM viewers are not able to send data for archiving. The transfer syntax is called Little Indian Explicit.

3. Collects data until a certain amount or time limit has been reached. All the data which is older than a day or larger than 80% of the Blu-ray is then archived.

4. As soon as the limit has been reached the data is burned onto the Blu-ray and the referential data is written into a database.

5. During the burning process you can search and download further data from the PACS server. 


- Interval controlled construction of backup Blu-rays
- Time or amount controlled backup (for example all 24h or always after 50GB)
- Assuredly protects against fire, burglary, theft and vandalism
- Extremely reliable and failsafe

- Web-Server operation (doesn’t require a monitor, keyboard or a mouse)
- Web interface to recall the queue
- Modes “automatic” and “manual”
- Mode “PACS Query/Retrieve”

Technical Specifications
- IDE Blu-ray burner LG
- Optional hard drive with 500 GB
- Reading speed: 50 x or higher
- Burning speed: BD-R up to 16x, DVD-R up to 16x, CD-R up to 48x
- BD formats: BD-R, BD-R DL, BD-RW, BD-RW DL
- DVD formats: DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW
- 110/220 Volt

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